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Ed Stasium on Ramones of the Day!

Honored and delighted to have the legendary Ramones producer, Ed Stasium on my Ramones of the Day Podcast. Please enjoy this first installment where Phillip Mottaz and I discuss the song, Ramona, with him. And be sure to pick up the new Rocket to Russia re-release which is his doing and sounds AMAZING!!!!


THE CJ RAMONE on my RAMONES podcast!

Holy f*cking sh*t mother f*ckers. THE CJ RAMONE… of THE RAMONES!!! graced Ramones of the Day for 4 full episodes!     On this particular track I got to throw it to THE CJ RAMONE for a count! Holy crap. Life goal achieved. Please enjoy the full episode below and listen to every single episode of Ramones of the Day, where Phillip Mottaz and I break down every Ramones song from 53 to the word “zero” at this link or find us on iTunes.    


I’m Discussing Every Ramones Song… Ever.

I love the Ramones. So Phillip Mottaz and I are discussing every Ramones song from “53 and 3rd” to the word “Zero”. Join us on this epic adventure where we go deep into the Ramones catalogue to better understand things like; What makes a Ramones song? Why is everyone hating on the Phil Spectre album? What’s more important, the Ramones image or their music? Will Joey ever get the girl? Discover the answers with us on Ramones of the Day. You can find us on iTunes and Soundcloud. And if you like what we’re doing, give us a like, subscribe, and leave us a review!