Watch ‘Wet Planet’ on Youtube

“Wet Planet” is the newest short from internet sensation I.C.U.P.P. You can see the new bits and all of our videos at our Youtube channel or at Funny or Die after the jump.     You can see a playlist of all of I.C.U.P.P.’s films at this link.


New ‘Troop Hood’ Funny or Die Exclusive

‘Olive and Mocha: Fast Times at Sugar High’ won the very first Funny or Die, Make ‘Em Laff film festival in conjunction with the LA Film Festival. As a reward Suzi Yoonessi and I were given the opportunity to produce an original short with them. The result of this partnership stars Chris Kattan and Tasha Scott (from the original Troop Beverly Hills) and can be seen after the jump.


‘Olive & Mocha’ is in the can!

Last weekend we shot all three new shorts for the series ‘Olive & Mocha’. We will now move into the post portion of production and hope to have finished content for you in late March. Thank you again to everyone who donated to our Kickstarter fund. We could not have done it without you! We will be launching the new Olive and Mocha website very soon, but in the meantime, check us out o Instagram and Facebook. A special thank you to Lauren Rock, Chris Armas, Nino Alicea, Mary Birdsong, Rachel Mottaz and Casey Green for all of your invaluable help!


1-2-3 Home Do-Over

Please enjoy the newest short from I.C.U.P.P. after the jump. I.C.U.P.P. is my collaboration with Brett Jackson. We create idea to internet in 6 hours. Special thanks to Dave Taylor and Kevin Brennan.


“Troop Hood,” my newest short produced with FunnyorDie!!!

I had the pleasure of writing and producing a short for FunnyorDie with my directing partner, Suzi Yoonessi, last weekend. The film is a take on the beloved movie, “Troop Beverly Hills,” and takes a reverse look at the subject of Girl Scouts in the hood. We got Tasha Scott from the original “Troop Beverly Hills” to be in it (which was very exciting) and the short stars the hilarious Chris Kattan. Thank you to everyone who participated. The kids were amazing. You can see more pics from the shoot after the jump.


“Hold My Coat” is the newest video from I.C.U.P.P.

My collaboration with Brett Jackson, I.C.U.P.P., has produced another comedy short called “Hold My Coat.” We shot this on location at the 2014 Youtopia Festival in San Diego. Thank you to everyone at the festival who participated and to Todd Westphal for the camera work. If you like this, please give it a “like” and pass it on to your friends. You can see the full video after the jump.  


“Hi, Mom!” — I.C.U.P.P.

Brett Jackson and I create content from idea to internet in under 6 hours. The collaboration, I.C.U.P.P. or International Comedy Union Professionals Partnership, has released our newest comedy short, “Hi, Mom!” You can see the full video after the jump. If you think this is funny, give us a like and pass it on to a friend.


“Olive and Mocha” wins FunnyorDie’s first comedy competition: Make ’em Laff

My short film “Olive and Mocha” won the first ever FunnyorDie comedy competition through the LA Film Festival, Make ’em Laff. Suzi Yoonessi and I are very excited for the opportunity to produce a second short with FunnyorDie as prize for winning.   KPCC interviewed Suzi for “Take Two” wherein she speaks about winning, breaking into the comedy world and not having kids.   You can see the full article and listen to her interview after the jump.


Kountry Krock – New Comedy Short

Please enjoy this short video I wrote and produced with comedy genius, Bryan Irzyk. Directed by the amazing Barry J. Holmes. If you think this is funny, give it a “like” and pass it on! See the video after the jump.