Olive & Mocha on WGA Hotlist

It’s an honor to be recognized by my union! Thanks, WGA for the shout out on a project I’m very proud of. You can read WGA’s full feature on us here. And you can see all 4 episodes on FunnyorDie at this link.   THE HOTSPOT Olive and Mocha Olive and Mocha is a Kickstarter-funded Web series produced and directed by Suzi Yoonessi and written by Molly Hale. The main characters, Olive and Mocha, are early teens effectively portrayed by young actors April Marshall-Miller and Sophia Laurelin. The series started as a TV development project for NBC. When the rights of ownership came back to the creators, four episodes were shot and then launched on YouTube. It currently can be seen on Funny or Die.

0 show “Cringeworthy” ep. 1 –> up

I’m so excited to share the first episode of “Cringeworthy” with you! (Video inside post.) I created/developed this show with my partner, Dunbar Dicks (Bit Galaxy), for as a flagship show for their original content brand. Each episode features a different up-and-coming comedian and influencer. Episode #1 features Brian Biancardi and Tonio Skits!    


Search History: Episode 1 = 100,000 Views!

Bit Galaxy‘s newest series, “Search History”(video inside of post) has its first episode released and up on and we’ve got over 100,000 views! The episode, starring The Donald Trump, may not be appropriate for work, but it does contain farts and statue nudity. If you like this, give it a like. If you love this, share it!  


Bit Galaxy Commissioned for short “Search History”

So happy to announce that my company Bit Galaxy Productions has been commissioned to write and produce the new original brand content “Search History” for Starring pop culture icons, each episode features a screen grab of their hilarious desktops as they check emails, video chat and search for things on Google. Stay tuned for our first episode starring The Donald Trump.


I’m performing w/ Ditties and Titties @ Dubtopia

Ditties and Titties is an all cowgirl sketch review featuring 3-part harmonies, jokes and great tits. We’re debuting our the show at this week’s sketch variety show, Dubtopia.   Other acts include: Michael Patrick O’Brien Brianna Baker Allison Bills Cristin McAlister Tim Stoltenberg Lily Sullivan Emily Walker Sherra Lasley Ditties & Titties Brad Morris   Thursday, May 12 at 8 PM   The Parlor Hollywood 7250 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, California 90046   Tickets are $10. They are offering half off ($5, smarties) tickets if you arrive before 7:15.


Betch Sketch features a bunch of my sketches!

The all-girl sketch show Betch Sketch, has run a few of my sketches in their season 1 episode: A Marcus Johns Sketch Show & season 2 episode: A Wi-fi sketch show. You can find the AwesomenessTV show on the Go90 app. Enjoy my sketch “Netflix Addictions are Real” after the break!          


Watch promos for “I Saw Boobs Once” / Now “Cringeworthy”

I’m so excited to share these promos with you, showcasing teaser footage from our new show, “I Saw Boobs Once.” The show was created and produced by Dunbar Dicks and I for featuring a host of Vine stars including Laura Clery, George Janko, Zane Hijazi and Tonio Skits! Stay tuned for launch date.   "I Saw Boobs Once" Comedy Series, Promo from Lisa Frame on Vimeo.   "I Saw Boobs Once" Comedy Series, Promo from Lisa Frame on Vimeo.   "I Saw Boobs Once" Comedy Series, Promo from Lisa Frame on Vimeo.   "I Saw Boobs Once" Comedy Series, PROMO from Lisa Frame on Vimeo.  


“Crying Alone In Your Car” up on Youtube

A short I UPM’d on for Super Deluxe, “Crying Alone in Your Car” is now up on Super Deluxe’s Youtube channel here. The short features Milana Vaytrub and is directed by the awesome Liz Elverenli! Check it out below, give us a like and share with a friend. Cast Heather: Milana Vaytrub Josh: Brandon Kyle Goodman Mom: Molly Hale Voice of NPR: Jen Tullock Crew Writer / Director: Liz Elverenli Producer: Molly Ann Hale DP: Drew Moe Hair & MakeUp: Wren Witting Sound: Tristan Walczak PA: Tilt Tyree Original Music By: Cyrus Ghahremani Editor: Tiffany Dixon


“The Chemistry of Love” = almost 2 million Youtube hits!

A short I UPM’d on for Super Deluxe, “The Chemistry of Love” has reached over a million hits on their Youtube Channel which you can view here. Actors Ginny: Charlene DeGuzman Max: Morgan Krantz Voice Over: Kara Noble Hot Guy: Craig Coyne Delivery Woman #1/ Cafe Woman #1: Rachel Leone Cafe Woman #2: Nodira Khasanova Delivery Woman #2 / Cafe Woman #3: Molly Hale Delivery Man / Cafe Man: Tristan Walczak Cafe Man #2: Tilt Tyree Crew Writer/Producer: Charlene DeGuzman Director: Suzi Yoonessi Producer: Molly Hale 1st AC: Matt Berbano 2nd AC: Lauren “Renni” Pollock Gaffer: Ben Goldberg Grip: Ben Cumming Production Designer: Kay Lee Art Director: Nino Alicea Art Assistant: Nodira Khasanova Art Assistant: Rachel Leone Art Assistant: Tilt Tyree Wardrobe: Natalia Barzilai Hair & Make-up: Pavy Sound: Tristan Walczak PA: Tilt Tyree Editor: Kyle Kogan Title Design By: Cassie Miggins Color Correction: Harris Charalambous


4th Olive & Mocha episode featured on FOD Homepage!

Thank you to Funny or Die for hosting the fourth episode in our series, Olive and Mocha entitled “Rock ‘N Roll” on their homepage! Check it out, give us a ‘funny’ vote and share with a friend!   You can read all about the project Olive and Mocha here at our webpage.   Olive and Mocha: Rock n' Roll – watch more funny videos    


New all girl sketch show live on “Go90”

“BETCH: A SKETCH SHOW,” the all girl sketch show featuring a few of my sketches, is now live on the app, Go90. You can download the app to your phone and watch new episodes every Thursday! The show is brought to you by AwesomenessTV and stars the ladies of MADMONI and all of your favorite Viners. Check out the trailer for “Betch” after the jump.