2 short films I helped produce being shown at Library of Congress

Two short films I had the honor of Associate Producing for are being shown at the Library of Congress!
See the details for the screening, which is happening tomorrow, below. Thank you to Adam Hawk Jensen for bringing me on the project. You can read the press release after the break.


For Immediate Release
Library of Congress hosting Venice Beach Film Maker, The Witness Project

June 8, 2015
WASHINGTON, D.C. – Library of Congress hosts screening of Witness Project with Venice Beach film maker, Hawk Jensen.
On June 11th, the Library of Congress and Representatives Ross (FL) and Kaptur (OH) and will jointly host a screening for Hawk Jensen’s film collective “The Witness Project” in conjunction with a ceremony to honor the 2015 Truman Reagan Medal of Freedom recipients. Each seven minute documentary, Witness Project: Daniel Magay and Witness Project: Nal Oum, is part of a larger campaign sponsored by the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, a 501c-3 established by Congress and signed into law by President Clinton.
The first film, Witness Project: Daniel Magay, has been called “a powerful film” as it chronicles the story of 1956 Olympic Gold Medalist Daniel Magay, who defected to the United States after his home country of Hungary was invaded by the Soviet Union. Jensen’s second film, Witness Project: Nal Oum, tells the story of one of the 45 physicians who was said to have survived the Khmer Rouge regime and the only medical doctor believed to have escaped from the death camps. Intellectuals, such as Oum, were targets of the Khmer Rouge genocide in Cambodia which lasted from 1975 to 1978.
“I believe authentic storytelling and the freedom to express dissent are vital tools to push back against oppression in any form,” says Jensen. “As witnesses, Daniel and Nal are heroes of the highest order and it’s been an absolute honor to bring their testimony to the screen.”
The #WitnessProject films showcase a story of courage and highlight the importance of these courageous men’s roles in exposing the atrocities of oppressive regimes.
This film is part of the #WitnessProject, a campaign courtesy of the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation to share the stories of those brave survivors of the crimes of communist regimes and can be found on the youtube channel: The Witness Project.


YOUTUBE CHANNEL: The #WitnessProject