New Pics from Kimberly Akimbo

This winter I played Patty in the production of Kimberly Akimbo by the Schoolhouse Theater. Enjoy these photos taken on preview night.

There were lots others I’m not posting here, but I wasn’t in any of them… so why bother. Am I right people?! Is this thing on?

Patty talks into her tape recorder as an “oral history for the baby.”

Kim tries to feed her mom but mom’s wrapped up in her own jokes.

I’m always sitting in this play and someone’s always mad. ha!

“You wanna name the baby?”

The family is playing Trouble without Patty at 3 in the morning.

Buddy turns on his present for the baby. I want this light effect for my dinner parties.

Debra has no idea how to play this game.

The family plays D and D with Jeff as Dungeon Master.

“Hell no! That manticore has wings and claws and the body of a lion!”

Jeff gets riled when the game goes out of control.

Momma fell off a loading dock.

Those god damned cabbages.

Buddy in his chef hat and I in my robe.

Patty has a baby on stage.

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