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Betch Sketch features a bunch of my sketches!

The all-girl sketch show Betch Sketch, has run a few of my sketches in their season 1 episode: A Marcus Johns Sketch Show & season 2 episode: A Wi-fi sketch show. You can find the AwesomenessTV show on the Go90 app. Enjoy my sketch “Netflix Addictions are Real” after the break!          


New all girl sketch show live on “Go90”

“BETCH: A SKETCH SHOW,” the all girl sketch show featuring a few of my sketches,┬áis now live on the app, Go90. You can download the app to your phone and watch new episodes every Thursday! The show is brought to you by AwesomenessTV and stars the ladies of MADMONI and all of your favorite Viners. Check out the trailer for “Betch” after the jump.