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“Hold My Coat” is the newest video from I.C.U.P.P.

My collaboration with Brett Jackson, I.C.U.P.P., has produced another comedy short called “Hold My Coat.” We shot this on location at the 2014 Youtopia Festival in San Diego. Thank you to everyone at the festival who participated and to Todd Westphal for the camera work. If you like this, please give it a “like” and pass it on to your friends. You can see the full video after the jump.  


The Owls hung at Youtopia Festival in San Diego

I was very excited to be able to hang all three owl pieces together last weekend at the Youtopia Festival in San Diego. I’ve been dreaming of a time when they would all be together in the trees and that dream finally came true. A big thank you to the art staff at Youtopia who awarded me my first art grant and to my artist Nino Alicea who helped me to hang the pieces in the trees (by climbing them). You can see a bunch of awesome pictures after the jump.


“Hi, Mom!” — I.C.U.P.P.

Brett Jackson and I create content from idea to internet in under 6 hours. The collaboration, I.C.U.P.P. or International Comedy Union Professionals Partnership, has released our newest comedy short, “Hi, Mom!” You can see the full video after the jump. If you think this is funny, give us a like and pass it on to a friend.


“Olive and Mocha” wins FunnyorDie’s first comedy competition: Make ’em Laff

My short film “Olive and Mocha” won the first ever FunnyorDie comedy competition through the LA Film Festival, Make ’em Laff. Suzi Yoonessi and I are very excited for the opportunity to produce a second short with FunnyorDie as prize for winning.   KPCC interviewed Suzi for “Take Two” wherein she speaks about winning, breaking into the comedy world and not having kids.   You can see the full article and listen to her interview after the jump.


“3 Owls” Shown at Burning Man

  This year I produced a magnificent piece, “3 Owls” in collaboration with the artist Nino Alicea for the burn. This work of art is 26 feet long and hung off of a moving truck. You can see more pics after the jump.


“Kountry Krock” gets world premiere at the Hammer Museum

On August 14, I was honored to have my second short screened as part of the infamous Flux Series at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, California. Curated by Jonathan and Meg Wells, the night showcases filmmakers from all over the world. We were in good company and for the presentation segment of the evening, co-writer Bryan Irzyk and I performed an original sketch as the stars of the short, Lynn and Jack Hands.


Kountry Krock – New Comedy Short

Please enjoy this short video I wrote and produced with comedy genius, Bryan Irzyk. Directed by the amazing Barry J. Holmes. If you think this is funny, give it a “like” and pass it on! See the video after the jump.  


Y.A.W.Y.E. – Kickstarter

The kids’ show I wrote for, “You Are What You Eat” is raising money via Kickstarter to fund its first season. This show does a great job of mixing humor and lessons, nutrition and playing with your food, music and visuals. If we teach our youth how to eat well now, they’ll live better later. Any little bit helps. Produced by Switch Studios. See the sizzle reel after the jump. THANKS!  


You Are What You Eat

I was brought on as head writer to help the fantastic Matt “Loki” Danciger create material for his new children’s show, “You Are What You Eat.” See the show’s sizzle reel after the jump.   You Are What You Eat – SIZZLE! from Matt Danciger on Vimeo.


Olive & Mocha: Fast Times at Sugar High

For those of you who don’t know, I’m producing a film that I wrote called “Olive and Mocha.” To flex our muscle a little bit the film crew and I shot a 3 minute short I wrote as a bit of a teaser for the film. The short involves our two main characters as little girls in the 80’s. See the short below and if you like what you see, like us on Facebook by clicking here. Olive and Mocha: Fast Times at Sugar High from Suzi Yoonessi on Vimeo.